Are you a new patient from outside Northern Ireland?


This form should be completed by any new patient from outside Northern Ireland wishing to register at your practice to obtain free treatment. 

This includes:

  • Persons who are registered with a GP Practice in England, Scotland or Wales and are moving to Northern Ireland to reside or to stay here as a visitor.
  • Persons who have come to Northern Ireland from other EEA countries or overseas. This can be someone born here who moved away and has returned for a visit or to take up residence again, or someone who has never been in Northern Ireland before.

Please see list on Page 8 of HSC R1 registration form for documents that are required for you to register, please take the time to closely examine this; the below examples are not exhaustive.

  • That you are lawfully in Northern Ireland (eg. valid visa, documentation evidencing settled/pre-settled status, UK or Irish passport)
  • That you are residing in Northern Ireland (eg. proof of address such as a utility bill, or tenancy agreement)
  • That you have a reason for being in Northern Ireland (eg. payslip, tax credit letter)

The above are required to assess entitlement to free NHS services in Northern Ireland.

All new patients will also need to complete a new patient health questionnaire giving details of your important past medical history, medication you are on, allergies etc.

All new patients are offered a consultation with a doctor or practice pharmacist; this is primarily to gather medical history and get an accurate note of any repeat medication you may be taking; it may be necessary to reattend at a later stage to discuss medical conditions further, or in more depth, should this be warranted.

This form is available in a selection of other languages here:

We would ask that you pay very close attention to documentation required and answer all appropriate questions.  Failure to do so may delay your registration. 

You can collect one of these forms from reception, or print one off from this link and complete it at home; or as this is an editable PDF, you can also complete this on your computer (depending on your device/browser you may need to save this file locally before you can edit and save this).