Pharmacy First - Uncomplicated Urinary Tract infections in women aged 16-64 years

Pharmacy First UTI

Your local community pharmacist may be able to advise, test, and provide treatment - if it is needed, without having to contact your GP.

However, if you answer "NO" to any of the following questions, please contact the GP surgery in the usual way.

➢ Is the patient male? Or female < 16 or > 64 years? Y/N
➢ Is the patient a temporary resident or resident in a care home? Y/N
➢ Is the patient pregnant or breastfeeding? Y/N
➢ Has the patient received more than one antibiotic for UTI in the previous 6 months? Y/N
➢ Does the patient use urinary catheters? Y/N
➢ Does the patient have renal (kidney) impairment? Y/N 
➢ Does the patient have symptoms suggesting other vaginal / urethral causes? Y/N
➢ Does the patient have haematuria only? (ie blood in the urine) Y/N 
➢ Is the patient immunocompromised? Y/N
➢ Does the patient have any of the following; porphyria, G6PD deficiency, anaemia, diabetes, vitamin B deficiency, peripheral neuropathy or electrolyte imbalance? Y/N
➢ Are the symptoms suggestive of more serious systemic illness such as pyelonephritis or sepsis (eg. if the patient was feeling very significantly unwell)?  Y/N 

If none of the above apply to you, please phone the pharmacy first to arrange a consultation and bring a sample of urine.

You can of course still speak to the GP instead if you prefer.